1. ungoliantschilde:

    some of Mike Mignola’s ALIENS and Predator artwork for Dark Horse.

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  3. Después de leer en la revista Exegenesis 26 una nota Matt Madden sobre haikus visuales, me quedo picando el bichito de experimentar un poco con eso.
    Aclaro que no soy escritor de haikus y pido disculpas por cualquier error en los mismos.


  4. strangenation:

    Hey, guys! Strange nation writer Paul Allor here, writing to you from beautiful Kokomo, Indiana.

    Strange Nation is a book that Juan Romera and I are very proud of. A madcap story about a journalist who gets caught up in a conspiracy involving aliens, doomsday cults and UFO’s, the book has earned…

  5. Strange Nation #7
    Norma and Jesse go deep into the belly of the beast, where they encounter unexpected allies. Meanwhile, Dr. Harris continues his plans to destroy the planet.

    Pre-Order: goo.gl/980nYO

  6. aapstra:

    Batman Black & White; Blackout by Jordi Bernet. 

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  7. nickdrake:

    Wish you were Here.

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  8. Comic Artists

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  9. Strange Nation #7, work in progress!